For the first time, RAS organised a Home Edition for the Star Chef Competition, providing a platform for home cooks to display their culinary talents.

Held on 26 August 2017 at the Asian Culinary Institute (ACI), the competition saw 22 home cooks in teams of twos taking part.

Taking on a mystery box and market place format, the home cooks were put to the same challenge as the professional chefs, in terms of not only culinary skills but also on-the-spot creativity.

The ingredients in the mystery box were proudly sponsored by:

TheSeafoodCompany – Frozen pink legs prawns
KSB Distribution – Chicken Leg (Bone-in)

Results of the competition:

Champion: Ms Edlyn Wee and Ms Janice Lee (Team I)
1st Runner Up: Mr Kelvin Choy and Mr Goh Jin Han (Team F)
2nd Runner Up: Mr Nicolas Laville and Ms Sandrian Tan (Team K)


More photos can be found here.