An initiative by RAS, the RAS Mentorship Programme seeks to strengthen the F&B community, where we have eminent individuals in the industry to mentor F&B entrepreneurs with their insights and advices. The programme aims to bring business success to more local companies through the help of mentoring and development of competencies. New entrants into the F&B industry who are looking for some guidance can apply and be matched to suitable mentors.   Programme Structure
  • Duration of 6 months
  • Minimum of 6 hours one on one, face to face contact during the programme
  • Other modes of contact can be through email, phone calls, etc

Current Mentors

Andrew Tjioe

Executive Chairman

Tung Lok Group

Steen Puggaard


4 Fingers

Andrew Ing


The Lo & Behold Group

Andrew Khoo


ABR Holdings

Angeles Herrero

Managing Director


Daniel Tay


Cat & The Fiddle

Rachel Chong


Sweetest Moments

Ivan Teo




If you are interested to apply to be a mentee under this programme, please download the form and send the completed form to or Application for first phase closes 18 September 2017.