About P-Max P-Max, an enhanced Place-and-Train programme under the Workforce Singapore (WSG), aims to help participating Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) better cope with the challenges of talent recruitment and retention in a tight labour market. P-Max will place Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians (PMETs) in SMEs and facilitate the entry of these PMETs into suitable SME jobs, while helping newly-hired PMETs acclimatize to the new SME work environment. Programme Aims
  • Assist SMEs to better recruit, train, manage, and retain their newly-hired PMETs
  • Encourage the adoption of progressive human resource practices within SMEs
  • Help place job-seeking PMETs into suitable SME job
Programme Benefits Participating SMEs and PMETs will benefit in the following ways:
  1. Job-seeking PMETs will be matched into suitable positions in SMEs,
  2. Training will be provided for supervisors or HR representatives from the SMEs and their newly-hired PMETs (Up to 90% course fee subsidised by WDA)
  3. Post-training follow-up with SME supervisors and their newly-trained PMET personnel for a period of six months, and
  4. One-time Assistance Grant of $5,000 for SMEs who successfully retain their newly-hired PMETs for six months.
The Assistance Grant of S$5,000 is also applicable to SMEs who recently hired a PMET for not more than three months prior to enrolment into the programme How to Sign Up If you are keen to participate in this programme or/and have any further enquiries on P-MAX, please contact Email: zac.low@ras.org.sg or constance.lim@ras.org.sg Tel: 6479 7723.